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Both university courses teach you everything you need to be a good defender of the rights of these people; but the curricula are completely different from each other. As you know, both qualifications already require 4 years of training. Before the Bologna reform, social graduates were a diploma of 3 academic years; while law graduates had 5 years of training. B) Advantages and Disadvantages of a Law Graduate Currently, the law degree trains students so that they can represent their clients in all existing orders or chambers: civil, administrative, criminal and labor (except the military.

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Which is a special order). This is perhaps the competitive advantage they have over social graduates; since although it is recommende that lawyers specialize in one subject or room, it is convenient that they know how the others work so that they can Dubai Email List take these aspects into account in the event of a negotiation… Let’s take an example. One day I had to go to a labor conciliation prior to a trial for dismissal. If this negotiation had not been satisfactory, the oral trial would have proceed. In that prior negotiation before the oral or open trial, one social graduate told the other that the worker had committe a criminal offense and; He commente to the worker’s defense.

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The worker that his action constitute a crime that could lead to prison. In those conversations I realize the importance of controlling all matters of law. Clearly the party representing the company wante to put pressure on the worker to sign an agreement. And with this “threat” he really succeed, since the social graduate who represent him, despite the fact that I warne both of them that it did not entail imprisonment and how he could knock down those suppose criminal evidence, was already frightene by these accusations. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of a labor consultant traine in law, who directly controls all matters of law and; Thanks to this, you will hardly access blackmail and threats that are not founde.

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