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And do you and your staff already have the competencies needed to meet emerging customer needs? Therefore, you should not sit on South Africa WhatsApp Number List your hands, but grow healthy. Starting point: good is not good enough, otherwise, you will miss the boat. To grow healthy, you think in different directions. For example, economic scientists Justin Jansen and Tom Mom say.

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Towards a healthy growth company in five steps ‘ (affiliate). Step 1: Look at growth paths According to the two pros, you start by looking from your healthy core at new sales channels, both online, indirectly, or through the distribution of new products, whether upgrading, expanding, or completely renewing new sales markets, both local, regional and (inter)national.

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You can grow in every area under the influence of changing customer wishes and customer groups. Without mentioning it, Jansen and Mom circle around Igor Ansoff’s growth matrix, based on market penetration, market development, product development, or both, namely diversification.

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