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An example of a newsletter using the ‘Inverted pyramid’ method Source resources/inverted-pyramid-method 8. GIF it a chance Using flashy GIFs sounds cool. Ask yourself whether it adds enough, or detracts from your main goal: achieving Cambodia WhatsApp Number List conversions. A GIF can distract from the call-to-action. But if you want to convey a story, GIF is of course very suitable.

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You need to follow up to create an account. Or certain product features that are difficult to describe. Moving image of a laptop Source: surface-pro-for-business/ 9. Viewing direction A long time ago Maud Ebbekink of ConsumPsy wrote about certain techniques that can be used to influence our brain. Including controlling the viewing direction. In this case the viewing direction of the newsletter reader.

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With that technique, you draw attention to a certain object in your image, for example, a call-to-action or a price. By having the person in the picture look at that object. Below the effect: The direction of the newsletter reader Source internet marketing knowledge base once pts gaze-cueing 10. Image vs. text ratio Images makes your message more attractive in a newsletter.

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