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The company Compete has just published a white paper, “  Seeing Between the Lines…of the Search and the Click ”, devoted to natural and paid referencing. Spotted at  gives the results of a very interesting study. It confirms certain information which we strongly suspected and sheds some light on more obscure aspects. For this, several tens of millions of pages of results (actually searched by Compete customers) were sifted through. However, this concerns the US territory, but it can still be instructive. Here are the main conclusions and figures. Would Google Adwords be competitive? Yes, and not just a little! 55% of results pages include at least one advertisement. Suffice to say that there are people in the place.

Majority of Results Pages Have Advertisements

Despite the recurring presence of advertisements, 85% of the results presented remain organic. Good news, SEO is still hugely important. On the other hand, Thailand Phone Number List if you are not in the first three results on a query, do not expect to get many clicks. 77% of Internet users go to these first three links, and 53% directly to the first. The others will pick up the crumbs. It is possible to buy links in different places on the results pages: at the top, on the right and at the bottom. And if the majority of purchases (61%) are concentrated on the right, it is nevertheless at the top that the results are the best. 24% of the links concentrate 85% of the clicks there.

Even by Paying, Space Matters

Thailand Phone Number List
Thailand Phone Number List

According to Meltwater, sponsored posts increased by 26.7% in 2021! Brands are increasingly turning to influencers, and in particular micro-influencers, to broadcast their campaigns. Brands are no longer just looking for visibility, but to generate sales through these partnerships. The functionalities implemented by the platforms, such as the “Paid partnership with” tags, also allow advertisers to precisely monitor the performance of their campaigns, and therefore their ROI. Meltwater says the challenge for brands this year will be to identify the right influencers, and succeed in creating more inclusive and diverse influencer pools.

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