No Link Between the Google Button and the Positioning of

The question of the effect of the Google+ “+1” button on SEO is often asked. We know that social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) play a role in the good positioning or not of a site in Google, but we know less about the place given to each one. A few weeks ago, a small controversial study claimed that for SEO. Or, at least, that a strong correlation existed between very many “+1” on a content, and its good position in the search engine. After all, what could be more logical? Google could favor one of its services to the detriment of the competition, it would not be too unpredictable either.

The Regionsjob Employers’ List Has Just

Nay, answers Matt Cutts of the Mountain View firm! During a conference Turkey Phone Number List organized in a Google+ hangout (one is never better served than by oneself), Matt Cutts affirmed that for the moment, there was no link between the ranking of a site and its results on Google+. We have been warned. On the other hand, the author is a parameter that comes more into account, still according to Matt Cutts. if filled in correctly, would be really helpful for SEO. It’s not a scoop, but it’s always good to hear it confirmed…

The Employers’ Ranking Was
Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

The RegionsJob employers’ list has just been released! Produced in partnership with L’Express, the Journal des entreprises and the ANDRH, this ranking aims to assess the attractiveness of companies in France but also in each region. Which ones have the best reputation? Who attracts the most employees? For this third edition, nearly 12,000 Internet users gave their opinion on 1,000 companies. And to be sure that the results are not distorted, 91% of them do not work in the companies mentioned. The employers’ ranking was carried out under the supervision of the OpinionWay research institute. 

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