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Read 3 comments Others also read Is your marketing plan for the coming year complete? Ask yourself these 11 questions first The 5 tips to wake up your sleeping database Career websites: which of these 5 types do you use? About the author, Bas Verhoeven from Ghana WhatsApp Number List Base Management Bas Verhoeven helps organizations optimize their marketing strategy.

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He does this as a consultant, project manager, and interim manager, from his own company Base Management. 18 articles more about Bas Verhoeven Read more about Data analytics.
I am, of course, talking about your health insurance. With health insurers, it’s all about that one moment. How do you build an annual plan and strategy?

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What are you doing next to that moment? In this HelloMasters Podcast, you will learn about the marketing of Zilveren Kruis. Packed with practical tips! The largest health insurer in the Netherlands, Zilveren Kruis, insures 4.8 million Dutch people.

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