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Map your data flows accurately The first step in getting your marketing solutions compliant is to map out your current solution(s). You can do this by asking these four questions: 1. In which countries does the supplier have data centers? In the processor Indonesia WhatsApp Number List agreement, you will find whether a processor may store data outside the EU, and with which parties they may share that data.

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There are European providers that use the American infrastructure. As a result, data is still sent across the ocean and there is a good chance that your data falls under American regulations. 2. Who has physical access to these data centers? The special thing about American regulations is that they also extend beyond our own national borders. Is there access from the United States to data centers?

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Then there is still talk of a transfer to the US. 3. Have agreements been made with the supplier or can they be made? The data exchange should still be possible on the basis of SCCs (Standard Contractual Clauses). Although that has become a difficult story for the US since the ruling, De Bruyne of DDMA explains.

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