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This article is not a typical product analysis article, but only from the development of Netease follow-up and cloud music reviews, analyzes their common points, and briefly expounds the user psychology of different groups. In Israel Cell Phone Number addition, the history of follow-up is briefly introduce. In 1975, Wang Xiongfei was a local taxi driver in Hangzhou. “Heavenly King Gaidihu” was his name on the NetEase news post. He Israel Cell Phone Number said that he first went to forums, and later he just looke at his mobile phone when it was convenient. I have Israel Cell Phone Number always like the military channel, and now I am the “Deputy Director of the Follow-up Bureau”. Whenever I see some interesting follow-ups and jokes, he will share it with the passengers. If you meet a passenger who has a common hobby, everyone can chat non-stop.

This Article Israel Cell Phone Number Is Not a Typical.

Wang Xiongfei also reveale that in the NetEase news follow-up, it does not need to be relate to the news content, just say what you want to say , the key is whether you can spit out a good groove , and if you can write a good joke , it will Israel Cell Phone Number  be a hot post by netizens. , it feels like a star is on fire, which is why he likes to follow up.  He was talente, interesting, and had a sharp point of view, which made him admire. In 1996, Wang Ni was a junior. She like listening to music and was a fan of a pop singer. As long as the idol releases a single, she will immediately go to the music platform on the market to audition.

Wang Xiongfei  Israel Cell Phone Number Also Reveale.

Israel Cell Phone Number
Israel Cell Phone Number

After knowing the release time of the single release by the idol on the music platform, Wang Ni will prepare the comment in advance and copy it to the mobile phone memo, so that the song can be commented in time Israel Cell Phone Number after the song is online. When aske why she had to write a comment in advance, she said that the idol has too many fans. If you don’t write it in advance and send it out, then the comments Israel Cell Phone Number  below will all belong to others, and your own comments will not be visible. Wang Ni also said that she has experience, and the earlier the comment, the more likely it will be like. Wang Israel Cell Phone Number  Ni reveale that one of her previous comments had been like more than 1W times. She was excite for several days and showe it in front of her classmates. She felt that being like by many people was a great achievement . According to the official data given by NetEase News in 2017. Speech vane.

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