Mythological Easter Eggs and Character Prototypes of The Eternals What historical

The eternals, one of the marvel cinematic universe films. Recently opened in cinemas around the world. Attracting heated discussions online. Marvel comics or movies have always.Liked to use mythical characters to create characters .And story backgrounds. For example. The thor series made full use of many gods in the norse. Viking mythology to create different characters. Mythological tales such as .The ragnarok serve as. The third film plot.I still remember that when I was a child.Most people only knew greek mythology. Because of this film. More people know norse mythology now. However there are still many people around .Me who can’t figure out the difference. Between greek mythology and norse mythology.This article is not intended to explain. The relationship between. Thor and the norse gods. The eternals also refers to a large number .Of ancient myths not only .The mythological stories and characters of a single civilization.


However the characters are directly mythical


.And the names worlds stories etc. Are completely in line with norse mythology. Conversely the characters in .The eternals, while most of their mythological .Archetypes are not so obvious. Therefor this article would like to .Introduce to you the mythological. Characters that the film refers to. As well as some historical information buried in the film.Please note that the following contains spoilers. It is recommended to read this article after. Watching the movie.The background of the story of “Eternals” tells about the emergence of Romania Phone Number  mutants (deviants), the ancestors of the gods, arishem (arishem) sent 10 eternals from olympia (olympia) to take a spaceship to 5,000 bc. The earth – mesopotamia (mesopotamia), to prevent and eliminate the mutant race that hunts humans, to ensure that they can slowly develop civilization.However, the eternals will abide by a rule from beginning to end, that is, they will not interfere with everything else that happens in the human world. Including disputes, conflicts and wars. Except for things related to mutant races. . Only bystanders.

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Stills from the eternals, released by walt disney studios films


While protecting human beings, the eternals also helped ancient human beings to develop civilization, gradually imparting their technology and knowledge they should have, and would integrate into their lives together, showing “Miracles” in front of them, and being respected. With the evolution of the times, the eternals appeared in various civilizations and empires that rose first, from the babylonian empire that ruled mesopotamia in the 5th century bc (you can also see the reenactment of the seven ancient worlds in the movie). One of the wonders is the hanging gardens of babylon.), the gupta empire that ruled india in the fourth century, and the aztec empires that ruled central america in the 16th century.It wasn’t until they saw the spanish slaughter the natives in the aztecs that some of the members began to disagree, and finally they decided not to act together and chose to live in seclusion in different parts of the world.



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