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Because do the technical settings match the message visitors receive? And how do you adjust these settings, if necessary or desirable? That is in some cases quite difficult. In my previous article Stop those dubious cookie notifications, I argued for Finland WhatsApp Number List customer-friendly cookie notifications, where it is just as easy for visitors to refuse cookies.

Message First as to accept them

This article was written from the visitor’s point of view, and thus about what cookie notifications look like on the front-end. Step 1: design the front Think about what your cookie notification should look like. Weigh different interests here. Mayor, may not cookies be automatically measure by law, and which ones? What would you like to measure and which cookies are very important.

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Message First for your company

Which cookie settings are the most customer-friendly and/or most in line with the interests of your visitors? Your optimal cookie notification and cookie settings may be different from what you currently use on your website. Read more about the characteristics of a customer-friendly cookie notification here. Weigh these interests against each other and think about what you would like your cookie notification to look like on the front.

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