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For WeChat, ISV is a market weapon; for Alipay, ISV has become a chicken rib, or even a disaster. Since last year, in the offline mobile payment market, Alipay’s share has decline very seriously. Corresponding to the rapid rise of Philippines Cell Phone Number WeChat Pay. In the field of offline payment, Alipay is far ahead of WeChat. Regardless of the starting time or effort. Why is it losing ground now? In the final analysis. There is a big problem Philippines Cell Phone Number at the strategic level. 1. Let’s start with the two types of offline mobile payment Mobile payment traffic can be divide into pure payment traffic and operational traffic:(1) Pure payment Philippines Cell Phone Number traffic solves the problem of collecting money, which is one-way, from buyers to sellersThe scale effect of pure payment traffic is negative.

For Wechat, Isv Philippines Cell Phone Number Is a .

A rate (price) of 0.6%; but when the transaction scale increases to 1 million or 10 million, the merchant’s requirements for the rate (price) are Downward, he will be more incline to use low-cost payment methods, such Philippines Cell Phone Number as cash, transfer, POS machines with lower rates, etc. (2) Operational traffic refers to the transactions that are matche, such as the customers drawn by Taobao sellers through activities Philippines Cell Phone Number such as through trains. It is two-way, and buyers and sellers can flow with each other. The scale effect of operating traffic is positive, that is, the greater the traffic, the higher Philippines Cell Phone Number the price (the more the seller is willing to pay). Because the operating traffic directly creates income for the seller, as long as he is profitable, the price can be raise all the time.

A Rate Philippines Cell Phone Number (Price) of.

Philippines Cell Phone Number
Philippines Cell Phone Number

So why is WeChat Pay rapidly rising in the market? In fact, online, WeChat payment has never made a breakthrough, and there is no pure payment traffic, let alone operational traffic. Offline, what WeChat does is very simple, that is, pure payment. WeChat Pay’s strategy is simple: develop its own ISV channel system, provide Philippines Cell Phone Number payment interfaces, collect merchant commissions and return some to ISVs. Moreover, WeChat ISV application is very simple, it can be said that it is open to everyone; WeChat payment Philippines Cell Phone Number management of ISV is also very loose. This extensive and simple channel Philippines Cell Phone Number system does not have a strong operational foundation. Under this channel system, powerful merchants can quickly develop the market; those without power will eventually die out on their own.

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