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Yuan Bingsong, the founder of Dili, once said: “I found that this round of investment in Dili was more positive. And they all misse the investment in share bicycles.” Let’s start with three depressing facts: Online traffic is getting Namibia Cell Phone Number more and more expensive, online user growth has basically stagnate. And pure online products will eventually become a giant’s meal (kille or acquire). Behind the unmanne self-service project is the reconstruction of the supply chain. But the origin of its essence is the needs Namibia Cell Phone Number of customers: customers no longer need such excellent services, high-end customers Namibia Cell Phone Number are willing to pay for them. But more customers only Want to pay for the portion of the service you want. A large number of offline projects have appeare, some cut off the traditional store format to provide self-service.

Yuan Bingsong, Namibia Cell Phone Number the Founder.

Products, they have been favore by VCs to varying degrees. What is the logic behind them? Probably because of “refactoring”. An excerpt from an article I publishe on 36kr four years ago. “Real O2O is to use the characteristics of the Internet to reconstruct the supply chain of traditional industries” :”What is reconstruction? It is to Namibia Cell Phone Number cut off a necessary point on the supply chain node in the traditional industry. Or reverse the order of two points before and after, which is calle reconstruction. Before the Namibia Cell Phone Number advent of the Internet. Most of the traditional industries It has been develope Namibia Cell Phone Number for thousands of years. And it is almost impossible to reconstruct any point.

Products, They Namibia Cell Phone Number Have Been.

Namibia Cell Phone Number
Namibia Cell Phone Number

The first wave of the Internet tide achieve the most basic surface reconstruction: the reconstruction of the way of information aggregation and distribution. For example. Portal websites such as Sina have reconstructe traditional newspapers and magazines. The former provides massive and uninterrupte information aggregation Namibia Cell Phone Number services that the latter is completely incomparable. At the same time, blogs and Weibo allow ordinary people to publish their own opinions without going through layers of Namibia Cell Phone Number review. sound. (Later, Toutiao restructure on the basis of the portal. Base on the Namibia Cell Phone Number productivity of the massive content of the portal, personalize recommendation reconstructe the editing mode on which the portal website depends.)What is happening now is the restructuring of the supply chain of procurement.

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