Miaopai’s List Bahamas Cell Phone Number From January to June

Miaopai recently release a series of short video industry lists in June. This series of lists has sorte out the current popular short video self-media accounts from various angles. Miaopai list, as the wind vane of the entire short video industry, has certain guiding significance. . From January of the beginning of the year to now. The entire Bahamas Cell Phone Number short video has gone through half a year in 2017. The second shot list has also undergone many changes from classification to self-media ranking. Therefore, by observing the list for Bahamas Cell Phone Number half a year, we can also see from it. to some of the trends that are happening in the short video industry. Trend 1: Diversifie content forms In January this year. The Miaopai list only release four categories: the original list, the wind and cloud list. The food list, and the fashion list. By Bahamas Cell Phone Number June this year.

Miaopai Recently Bahamas Cell Phone Number Release a .

Miaopai is placing more evaluation dimension systems for short video content, which also shows that the entire industry is entering an explosive period of diversifie development. Due to the extremely diverse content and forms Bahamas Cell Phone Number of short videos, the original evaluation system has been unable to classify it. Classes, more evaluation systems are neede to help these savagely growing contents to be “rectifie”. For example, the Bahamas Cell Phone Number typical @Office小野 is a show that uses brain holes to cook in the office. This is not exactly a short video of food, nor is it a short video of funny or workplace, but a cross-border mashup. It is impossible to classify. And such short video content emerges in an endless Bahamas Cell Phone Number stream, and the original list evaluation system is difficult to fully cover. At this time.

Miaopai Is Placing Bahamas Cell Phone Number More Evaluation.

Bahamas Cell Phone Number
Bahamas Cell Phone Number

Trend 2: papi sauces are entering a downward period Take the well-known short video celebrity Tuba papi sauce as an example. In the original list. It ranke second in January this year, with a popularity of 276.51 million. And in Bahamas Cell Phone Number June this year. Its position droppe to 35th, with a popularity of only 84.15 million. . In addition, KOLs such as “Uncle Tongdao” and “Soft and Soft” who were in the list before have also fallen Bahamas Cell Phone Number out of the list. And this type of KOL video content has one characteristic: patterning. For example, papi sauce’s multi-role dialogue is a modele performance. And users may be attracte by this model in the early stage. But the freshness will become lower and lower after that. And Bahamas Cell Phone Number then stay away from the well-known IP ” “Never Expecte” The suspension of short videos. Is precisely because users are tire of stereotypes. And the short video field is repeating this trend.


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