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So you see, Google Ads here is a performance channel that fulfills the objectives of a branding campaign ( plant the seed ), isn’t it? The moral of the story. If a channel can serve a purpose, you should consider it, no matter what the internet’s “best Croatia WhatsApp Number List practices” or “proven methods” are. You easily become familiar with certain channels and their supposed purpose.

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You have a channel bias: you blindly use the same channels over and over. Marketers are trained to reach people during the entire buyer journey: from SEE to CARE. When they put together their ideal marketing mix, the first thought is to be active on different channels. They confuse their channel bias with the need to be active on all marketing channels (e.g. SEA for performance and YouTube and display advertising for branding).

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SEA is also useful for branding objectives, and YouTube and display can also be used for classic performance objectives (sales and revenue ). The idea that you have to maintain a total marketing mix at all times creates channel bias: it keeps the distinction between branding and performance running. Stop betting on all channels In fact, a total marketing mix makes no sense at all.


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