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There are pros and cons. If you can spread Turkey Phone Number the news, you. Also, can control the spread of the news. For example, the Weibo just mentioned, the hot search tells. Also, us that “WeChat large-scale failure” is now everyone’s attention, but the third “recommendation”: “Did Dingrenjian Turkey Phone Number divorced today?” This is a message that can guide public opinion. For me, I don’t know Dingrenjian, but Weibo recommended it to me. Maybe I will never know Dingrenjian in my life, but This time I may have understood after clicking, and this is a very powerful thing. Maybe the platform will say that this is the power of artificial intelligence, but things are two-sided.

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Just like Toutiao today, artificial intelligence is used to recommend hot spots to users, but when I click on the Hangzhou nanny arson. Also, case, it does not Turkey Phone Number mean. Also, that you give me old age every day. This is the news of the fire. I just want to watch the news from various places, not the fire all day long. Similarly, after Kuaishou ordered fishing and other playing and singing twice, now my recommendation panel is not only outdoor fishing. It’s just other playing and singing. I also want to watch other things, such as iron pestle grinding into needles, water droplets piercing through stones, and pressing elevators for the Himalayas. Controlling the export of information means controlling public opinion. On the surface, the platform is thinking about me.

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Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

What I push to you is what you want to Turkey Phone Number see, but now. Also, the taste has changed. It is not what I want to see, but the platform thinks I am. What do I want to see, what do I want to see that I am not searching for myself? What do you say I want to see what I want to see? Just like boys always complain about girls being suspicious, it’s not that boys think you are suspicious of him, but that you are too accurate! The same is true of the platform. It will press you to death in what you like. In the long run, you will lose the opportunity to discover more beauty in the world. About 10 years ago, netizens still firmly resisted the online real-name system, but now, for the convenience of mobile payment and red envelopes.

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