Master Overlays for Better Photo Designs

Mastering graphic overlays depending on the design project youre working on, a graphic overlay can be a workhorse building block for creating focal points and order information, an illustrative element that helps express an idea, some flourishes that add balance and visual interest, or all of the above. Whatever your goals, meitus graphics and graphic tools are a supreme design resource, and well show you all the tips and tricks to unlock its power. 1. What makes meitu xiuxius graphics even better l they are popular and cover a wide range of styles and looks. L they are vector based, which means they can be shrunk or stretched without jagged edges.

How to Add Meitu Graphics to an Image

You can customize them with blending modes, color jewelry retouch service changes, partial erase, and even apply photo effects to them. L you can animate them individually or in groups and export your designs as animated gifs. L you can use them as masks and make photos and textures clear at a glance with their shape outlines. The last two points are meitu xiuxius secret sauce no other design or photo editing toolset can give you this level of power and control. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Well start with the basics. Click new on the home page to start with a blank canvas, or open an image you already started with. 2. Click the graphics tab in the upper left corner. 3. Click the name of the group in the list that appears on the right and scroll through the groups.

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How to Use the Layers Panel

Or type what youre looking for in the search box. 4. Click on DP Leads the graphic you want to add to the design. 5. Drag to place the graph exactly where you want it. Use the corner handles to change its size and the top handle to rotate it. Click apply. If you have a logo or graphic downloaded from an external graphic source there are many free, its easy to put it into a meitu xiuxiu design. Click the graphics tab, then click the add your own image button at the top of the panel, and choose where to store the image you want to add.

Navigate to your image, click it, boom 3. To order and select graphics click the layers button stacked square icon in the lower. Left corner to open the layers panel on the far right. You can now select the layer that contains the graphic or other design element you want to manipulate.

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