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The first parameter specifies the name UAE Phone Number of the table, the second the start date from which we need to get the data, and the third is the next start date. Ex: GetAllRecord (tableName, 20140315, 20140316) Now let us understand the logic of this method. We are trying to retrieve an Hbase table using the HBase API using startPartialKey and endPartialKey. Because StartPartialKey and endPartialkey are not null and void, they will block and scan records with a value of startPartialKey. We created a Result Scanner object that stores scanned Hbase table records and a HashMap to save the result. We create a Result object to retrieve the Result Scanner and run it for a loop. “Imsi” is a string defined to store a cell phone number.

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Also, “keyVal” is a hash map that stores output from a specific phone column. We gave 20140315-1234567890 as the row key at the Hbase table. This is the UAE Phone Number date 20140315 and the mobile phone number is 1234567890. Since we only need a mobile phone number, we use the substring method to get it. We get the data from r.raw () and store it in HashMap using Put. Finally, we try to print them on the console. The result will be as below. Java Is-Relationship We have successfully received records for the date: 15 thousand in 2014. March. BIG DATA In this case, we will divide the date and mobile phone number for “-” as the “Hbase table row key” and the number of incoming and outgoing calls, the number of messages sent as columns “c1” c2, “c3” – columns “i” . We have input data stored in Cloudera’s local file system.

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UAE Phone Number List
UAE Phone Number List

So we need to write Java Logic, which UAE Phone Number reads the data from the file. Below is the Java logic. This method stores the data in the table for each column in the column family. Using the scan command, we can verify the data stored in the dbececords table in Hbase. You will receive the data as shown below. We have now successfully inserted the data into the HBase table. Let’s take the records stored in a table for a specific date. In this use case, we are trying to restore Data records: 15,000 in 2014. March To get the records, we developed a method GetAllRecord (String tableName, String startPartialKey, String endPartialKey) The first parameter specifies the name of the table, the second the start date from which we need to get the data, and the third is the next start date.

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