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When it comes to the percentage of time a video is , nearly all short-form videos are for. Over 40% of their duration, which isn’t surprising due to their quick runtime. 59% of them are for 41-80% of their length, and 30% have an average watch percentage over 81%.

The average watch percentage for these videos can even 100% as your audience replays them over and over.

Lastly, when looking at click-through rates, nearly half of short-form marketing videos also have a CTR between 5-8%.

2. Long-Form Video

Long-form videos, in this survey as videos over three minutes, come in 2nd. To short-form for ROI, lead generation, and engagement.


Long-form video will also see significant growth in 2022 as 18% of video marketers plan to invest more in it than any other format, and 36% of will use it for the first time this year.

The biggest chunk of video marketers (36%) say the ideal length for long-form videos is 3-6 minutes, though many also advocate for videos up to 20 minutes long.


Looking at the average watch percentage, 38% of long-form marketing videos fall between 41-60%, while one in four sees an average watch percentage of 61-80%. Another 22% fall between 21 to 40%.

When it comes to CTR, the biggest chunk (57%) of long-form marketing Wuhan Mobile Phone Number videos are between 5-8%, which is similar to the CTR for short-form videos.

Live videos or streams are by 32% of video marketers and come in #4 for ROI and #3 for engagement. And, use of live videos/live streams will also grow in 2022, with 35% of video marketers planning on leveraging it for the first time.

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The Top Video Marketing Channels

The optimal length of a live video/live stream is between 4-9 minutes, according to 51% of video marketers. Another 22% prefer to go live for 1-3 minutes, while around one in five recommends a longer time frame of 10-30 minutes.

When it comes to the average percentage of a video , over 60% of live videos/live streams fall are for 41% to 80% of their duration.

Social is video sharing by 76% of video marketers and has the biggest ROI of any video marketing channel, by far. It is also the most effective channel for generating leads from marketing videos.

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