Kuaishou and Netherlands Cell Phone Number Momo Are Popular

Today, let’s talk about what kind of money-making logic is behind the success of brands that we are not very familiar with. Such as factory girls, Kuaishou. And Momo? Once upon a time. Aost of us were still in the era of tall. But Netherlands Cell Phone Number the era is undergoing tremendous changes. A year ago, when we talke about mobile phones. The big domestic mobile phone brands in everyone’s mind were Xiaomi, Huawei. And Meizu.  When it comes to news, it’s still Weibo and WeChat, and when it comes to video, it’s still Youku and Tudou. However. Less Netherlands Cell Phone Number than a year has passe. And the times have undergone earth-shaking changes when we didn’t expect it. In the mobile phone industry, OPPO and VIVO, which are blackly calle factory sisters. Have surpasse Xiaomi and Meizu and are chasing Huawei.

Today, Let’s Netherlands Cell Phone Number Talk About .

In the news industry, Toutiao has become one of the top ten Internet companies by market capitalization in China. In the video industry, Kuaishou and Momo are seizing the market at an unimaginable spee. When we are confuse Netherlands Cell Phone Number about what the hell is this? The real opportunity to make money slips away before we know it. Today, let’s talk about what kind of money-making logic is behind the success of brands that Netherlands Cell Phone Number we are not very familiar with, such as factory girls. Kuaishou, and Momo? 1. Changes in the place to make money: urban consumption upgrade If it’s like Rebs said, what do you think are the trends in different eras? Most people will agree with a concept. In 2000. IT hardware was the outlet. In 2010, the Internet was the outlet. In 2015, the Internet+ was the outlet. But what is the outlet now? Some friends in the investment circle may talk to Han about the content. They will say that you read WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, Momo and Kuaishou.

In the News Netherlands Cell Phone Number Industry.

Netherlands Cell Phone Number
Netherlands Cell Phone Number

It’s the old gameplay of the Internet age, so isn’t it the era of content after putting the old gameplay aside? Therefore, the trend of this era is that content is king. Last year was the era of Internet celebrities. and 2017 is the era of content. Brother Netherlands Cell Phone Number Han does not deny that content Consumption is now on the cusp of the Internet, but the content is by no means explaining the reasons for the success of Kuaishou, Momo, OPPO and VIVO. Brother Han believes that the key to their success lies in one point, which is the awakening Netherlands Cell Phone Number of consumers to the Internet. . For a long time, many companies will have such a thinking, who our users are, and our users are the middle class who can afford the products. It is true that this thinking is not wrong, but what is wrong is that the scope of the middle class is wrong. In the past, for a long period of time, China’s cities showe obvious characteristics of urban stratification.

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