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In the first place, The era of knowledge economy is here. Recently, Gao Xiaosong has become popular again. The first file “Short and Big Tightly Pointing to the North” is arrogant about “poetry and distance”. Of course, it is not only the senior members Iceland Cell Phone Number who are proud of the horseshoe disease. “Internet +” and stroboscopic marriage  Iceland Cell Phone Numbergroup CP in various industries. The world is changing with each passing day, and it will change seventy-two in the blink of an eye. At the same time, everyone is more or less anxious Iceland Cell Phone Number about information and knowledge. As a result, the omnipotent law of “demand = market” acts, and the spring water of the knowledge economy is blown hot and boile. From Himalaya, Zhihu, Get, Fence, Weibo. WeChat, to Hujiang CCtalk, 36氪, Xiaomiquan, Qianchao, a large number of entrepreneurs have entere the field of knowledge economy.

The Era of Iceland Cell Phone Number Knowledge .

However, The era of knowledge economy is here. 1. The content of knowledge monetization PK – the “money way” on the stage is boundless, who will pay for it under the stageWhen the wave of shallow sharing economy such as food, clothing. Housing Iceland Cell Phone Number and transportation recedes. The “appearance” of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory began to make it possible to pay for knowledge and enter a paid sharing economy Iceland Cell Phone Number model. The rapid development of the times and the lack of self-configuration Iceland Cell Phone Number are constantly in conflict. Worries such as “I can’t understand the stalks of my friends chatting”, “The trend is going to change again. Don’t miss the bonus period”. “If you don’t work hard, the new Zhang will surpass you” in the brain for 24 hours.

The Era of Knowledge Iceland Cell Phone Number Economy.

Iceland Cell Phone Number
Iceland Cell Phone Number

As soon as, Taking Zhihu Live as an example, according to Zhihu’s statistics, an online audio lecture with a duration of about 1 hour can bring the speaker.  Iceland Cell Phone Number a single-session income of tens of thousands of yuan. In Hujiang CCtalk. Some “net teachers” earn 350,000 yuan in just one class. And they can earn more than one million yuan in Iceland Cell Phone Number just one year of class. The business model of knowledge economy apps can be understood as a “knowledge e-commerce supermarket”. They carry high-quality head content. As well Iceland Cell Phone Number as all kinds of “grassroots people” and “knowledge network celebrities” who have both personality charm and professional knowledge. A variety of knowledge shopping malls have been establishe, and the money and goods are sold in a diverse, orderly and self-containe mode.

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