Knowing the Least Popular Results of a Search

We have the annoying habit of repeating the same patterns over and over again in our online activity. In research, for example. The vast majority of Internet users are satisfied with the first results of Google to obtain answers to their question. It’s not very funny, everyone reads the same sites on the same subjects… After all, as young people say. If you want to change your view of the web a bit, you can use alternative search engines, such as  In the line o(which is unfortunately no longer online), this engine offers you to do without the first search results: 100, 1,000, 10,000 or even a million.

The idea, by keeping only obscure results

To try! An experience never hurts. The engine is also rather well done, you can juggle Austria Phone Number List the number of results removed on the results page, and even see the list of sites that have been removed. The experience is fun, to try. The idea, by keeping only obscure results, is to get you to review your vision of the web. And above all to make you discover sites on which you would never have come across otherwise. Not necessarily always relevant in terms of content, but it can be surprising.

For Optic 2000’s Latest Facebook Campaign

Austria Phone Number List
Austria Phone Number List

If you follow Twitter regularly, you must have heard of Soraya’s story. A few months ago, this follower of social media had indicated on her Facebook profile that she had been chosen by the Grand Journal as a columnist for the coming year. Hundreds of admiring reactions later, the hoax fell. It was actually an op for a brand to multiply the likes. But also and above all in a very striking way of underlining the passage of social networks into another era: that of the permanent fake. Appearing more important than being on Facebook, we already knew that. But now is the time for uninhibited mytho, schoolboy and assumed personal branling. Is it a transposition of the behaviors of our everyday life, or does the virtuality of exchanges push this trend? Is it a drift that comes from the fact that the majority of our friends on these networks are strangers?

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