Kittens Advertise Bouygues Telecom Beautiful Love Story

Internet and cats, it’s a beautiful love story. We already knew that in any case. It’s Bouygues Telecom’s turn to tackle the myth of kittens-too-cute with this video, which will make even the most fervent opponents crack the supremacy of cats on the Internet. Rather successful, no? Cats have a good potential for virality: we no longer count their exploitation for advertising purposes. But as always with this kind of videos, even if we have no doubt that they will be relayed, shared, and commented on a good bunch of times, it remains to be seen if the message will get through… And if the transformation of happy and tender spectators into customers consumers and faithful will take place. Less sure.

How to Combine the Two Fashionable

How to combine the two fashionable themes of the moment and make a successful Peru Phone Number campaign? Coca-Cola seems to have the answer with this operation which mixes social network (Facebook) and ecology. The idea? Add 10,000 recycling locations to Facebook places and encourage fans to take pictures of themselves when dropping off their plastic bottles. The operation was conducted in Israel and resulted in thousands of interactions. The most active recycler has been named “Recycle King”, the king of recycling. Greenwashing or real added value on a classic campaign, it’s up to you. The idea is in any case very good and the feedback has followed. The use of Facebook Places is excellent, future case study? We just have to wait for a French version.

The operation was conducted in Israel and

Peru Phone Number List
Peru Phone Number List

It is likely that this type of initiative will begin to multiply: the use of Twitter in more “traditional” advertisements. A few months ago, the Canadian tourist office carried out a based on tactile walls aggregating tweets about Canada. Europcar’s latest London campaign, intended to promote a new service, is quite successful. It consists of the recovery of messages sent on Twitter with the hashtag  by displaying them on a large billboard. With Myextrahour, people can tell what they can do with an extra hour of free time, acquired of course thanks to Europcar’s new service.

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