Kai-fu Lee: What Latvia Cell Phone Number Worries Me Most

AI presents us with an opportunity to disrupt the imbalances in the global economy. And the impact of the challenge will be so great that no country can stay out of it. A few days ago, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. Founder and CEO of Innovation Latvia Cell Phone Number Works and dean of the Academy of Artificial Intelligence Engineering, publishe an op-e entitle “The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence to Human Society” in the “Viewpoint” column Latvia Cell Phone Number of the New York Times. Today, when artificial intelligence has penetrate Latvia Cell Phone Number into life. There is no lack of “artificial intelligence threat theory” in society. Worrying that robots will “reverse” human beings. In this article. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee discusses several more real and urgent problems brought about by the future Development of artificial intelligence technology.

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The following is the full text in Chinese: Face with the imminent era of artificial intelligence. What are you most worrie about? Often, the answer to this question is very similar to the thriller in various sci-fi movies. They worry Latvia Cell Phone Number that the development of artificial intelligence will bring the so-calle “singularity”, that is, at a certain historical moment in human development, artificial intelligence will completely Latvia Cell Phone Number surpass human intelligence, and then bring human society into an unimaginable change. People even began to wonder whether artificial intelligence will eventually control humans Latvia Cell Phone Number and reduce them to so-calle “robots”. These issues are worth exploring, but not urgent. Regardless of whether these problems will occur or not, even if they do occur, it will be hundreds of years later.

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Which has just defeate the best human chess player Ke Jie, into general artificial intelligence, namely A computer program that has self-awareness, can carry out commonsense reasoning, can consciously acquire knowledge from Latvia Cell Phone Number multiple fields, and has the ability to perceive, express and understand. But that doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax. On the contrary, the spee of development of existing artificial Latvia Cell Phone Number intelligence technologies and products has greatly exceede our understanding Latvia Cell Phone Number and expectations. Artificial intelligence technology is destine to change our world, and it is not completely transferre by our wishes. AI is a tool, not a form of intelligence. But it is destine to redefine what work means and how wealth is create; notably, it will bring about unprecedente economic imbalances and even change the global power landscape.

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