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Logically, if one of them does not work, they must also pay an amount to repair that situation; since both spouses agree to those conditions where the person who work benefits. For this reason, in this case the pension is not a mechanism to balance the economies of both spouses, but an aid to the member of the couple whom the divorce leaves in a situation of helplessness. This obligation is temporary, if the situation of the oblige changes, the amount can be reducd or even extinguish. In the same way, if the oblige lacks the minimum support, it can also be cancel.

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Logically, the amount of the maintenance obligation also varies according to the income that the working parent receives. In some cases, one of the spouses must compensate the other for the economic loss cause by the Benin Phone Number List divorce ( compensatory pension ). Likewise, the contribution of both spouses to support family responsibilities , both children and material goods, is establish. With the establishment of the alimony if necessary. H) Mortgage and use of the home Regardless of the income of each spouse, the mortgage on the family home will be paid base on the ownership share of each. If one of them lacks income.

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The mortgage that has been contract jointly corresponds to each of them paying the part that corresponds to them. For example, if the mortgage was comtrace in community property and the shares were %, each spouse must assume the share in half. In the same way, one of the legal questions to take into account before a divorce is to determine which of the spouses will use the habitual residence. Legal issues to consider before a divorce: Judgment vs Regulatory agreement As we have already indicate throughout this article, there are two ways to solve a divorce . One of them is by mutual agreement that can be direct either through a mediation process, through a trial or through a regulatory agreement agree between the parties. The other possibility is to initiate divorce proceedings without the consent of one of the spouses.

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