It Is Therefore Imperative For Merchants

Lost damage packages and incorrect recipients are increasingly common problems, but also increasingly frustrating for consumers. A study shows that % of consumers are ready to change their e-commerce site if they cannot find a delivery method that meets their needs. Delivering everything from the central warehouse” is therefore no longer suitable to meet the new demands of consumers same-day delivery and flexibility of schedules are acclaim. In addition, it has become crucial for businesses, certainly to offer e-commerce delivery to their confine customers, under curfew, etc., but also to optimize the routes taken and the modes of transport use to be able to deliver more quickly.

Reducing the number of delays

And reducing pollution. At present, more than a quarter of the greenhouse gases emitte by the transport of goods come from the last mile [ ] . Many trucks crisscross the cities every day. Delivery can be all the more polluting if the consumer decides to return the product, often at the merchant’s expense, or if he is simply not present at the time of delivery. Delivery from Bolivia Phone Number List points of sale is the key asset in meeting all these requirements, offering quality delivery and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of commerce.  and e-merchants to offer local delivery, in a niche chosen by the customer, to build loyalty and make it a real selling point According to a study by Cap Gemini, nearly / of consumers are ready to reward retailers who offer a good last mile experience by entrusting them with their next purchases.

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Deliver pioneer of Ship from store

Offers a service perfectly adapt to these challenges. The solution allows businesses to deliver all types of products to the homes of their local customers food, household appliances or even furniture, trees, DIY tools, in less than hours, with real-time DP Leads tracking of the delivery person on a card for recipients, who are always notifi by SMS of what is happening on the status of their order. tracking page The organization of deliveries and carriers is manage by its technological platform and pilot by its internal regulation team, making it possible to facilitate the logistics of the races. Customer service, available days a week, as well as deliverers and merchants have a suitable interface to monitor deliveries in real time and ensure that operations run smoothly.

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