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It is normal for this to happen. We are more invisible than those of other sectors; Well, if, for example, you are a professional specialize in civil law and real rights and you prepare advice on how to prepare a good will or distribution of assets; if that person shares that article, he will reveal to her contacts that he is thinking about those issues. Businesses can buy reviews, but Google often detects them and penalizes the ranking of that review purchase. Do not cheat and accumulate reviews and ratings that are % real.

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Serve as a cover letter and enhance your resume Having a blog and a community around it is the element that can differentiate you from each and every one of the professionals who apply for the same position. This element must be incorporate into your resume Algeria Phone Number List and; precisely in your personal data where you place a link to your website . You can also use this element when creating quotes for clients . Place your identification data and always with them a link to your website, where you will have a blog to create an image of your business. You can create a personal and business brand without a blog, but I recommend that it always be present in your strategy. In addition, the blog must be of its own domain, in this way all the content that is made on the web will be yours and; little by little you will increase the authority of your domain getting better positions in the search engines.

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However, not all are advantages, let’s see below the main problems you may experience . ) A good brand offers an impeccable image of your business. If you create a good brand image of your law firm, people who see your company name or logo. Will immediately have a vision of your services and other aspects. How you are: through your content, you can get a vision of how you are. Whether or not he has sympathy for you and whether or not he can trust you. What do you sell or what do you offer: you will know what you sell and what you can contribute. Why they should choose your brand and not another of the competition: you will know. Why they should hire you and your company and not your competition.

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