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In this article, we dive into the digitization of patient information. Last year, a Nivel poll showed that people nowadays search a lot for information about New Zealand WhatsApp Number List health complaints and conditions (60% of people) and treatments (37% of people). In other words: what do I have? And what should I do about it? Digital search is the most popular.

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But still. In 2020 it is therefore difficult to think of a reason why you should not digitize. People on their phones, which represents ‘digitization’. No ‘single source of truth’ Yet there are plenty of care organizations where information still coexists in all kinds of forms and versions. The information about treatment is available in a folder, there is a page on the website, a description in the app and then there are the letters.

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One description is current, the other secretly not so anymore. With all the associated consequences: ambiguity about ownership internally, inconsistent information among the patient. The patient is poorly informed and confusion or even confusion arises. The solution: one central, digital source that, as a single source of truth, forms the basis for all your expressions and channels.

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