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Add all the data that the platform requests correctly. Select the procedure you want. Finally, click on Download complete form. The document will be save on your computer in PDF format. It only remains to print the form. After completing the online procedure, with the document in hand, the citizen must go to pay the amount assigne to their procedure. Where to pay the tax? Unlike other taxes, this cannot be paid electronically. The subscription is deposite directly in the bank, in credit unions or savings banks. To consider that the person doing the procedure is a foreigner, the laws do not oblige the citizen to have a national account.

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In case the person has a financial account, he can make the payment from it. To make the amount, it is necessary to bring the complete and printe police form. Attache to the amount to carry out the procedure. Where to deliver the documents? To finish the process, it only remains to deliver the documentation in person. The places Mexico Phone Number List to complete the process are: Foreign Office. National Police Station. On the day chosen to deliver the documentation, in addition to the payment receipt and the print form, the citizen must attach: Original and valid copy of the passport. TIE Ex 17 issue form. Census. If it is the first time that the procedure is carrie out, the resolution of the granting of the card must be add.

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Some offices of the National Police allow you to request an appointment to carry out the procedure . Citizens should take this option into account to optimize the process. Remember that if you have questions about a legal issue or need legal advice , you can consult us. We will be happy to help you. Today many companies invest in digital marketing to attract new customers . One of the main items of this type of campaign is for the design and creation of a web page for your business; since working directly on a personal domain is better than just spending money on paid campaigns on social networks and search engines SEM.

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