Is the Main Goal to Improve Recruitment or to Play on the

All this at the same time. The main goal is to help candidates find their bearings and orient themselves. We still offer more than 300 different professions at BNP-Paribas! The platform will help them find their way around and will therefore allow applications to be more appropriate and targeted. We also aim to be able to offer our candidates the opportunity to be in direct contact with the professions they are targeting and to obtain reliable information. We will also be able to better identify the expectations of candidates. Finally, it allows us to humanize the image of our group, which has an international dimension. The platform’s portrait gallery makes it possible to put faces to employees. This corresponds to a real expectation on their part. They really wanted to help the candidates.

How Were the Featured Experts Chosen

Both on a voluntary basis and through proposals that we sent to them. We tried to target Uruguay Phone Number the professions about which we had the most questions, but also to draw up a complete overview of the professions represented at BNP-Paribas. Today all the poles are represente, not all the functions but that will come as time goes by. People spontaneously decided to join us through two vectors. On the one hand the ambassadors, alumni of a school who work at BNP-Paribas and who make the link with this school. On the other hand, we aske the services to put us in touch with an employee wishing to take part in the adventure.

In Concrete Terms, How Will the

Uruguay Phone Number List
Uruguay Phone Number List

In addition, the site was launche internally this week (last week, editor’s note), we had 50 requests from experts who wishe to participate by discovering it. It was important for us to choose as many operational people as possible. We wante to offer candidates the opportunity to interact with people they don’t normally have access to. The first contact is normally made via a human resources person. The first stage has therefore passe, as if the candidates were already present internally. The goal is to be as concrete as possible for people who want to find out.

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