Is the Employer Brand a Global or Local Approach

Continuation of our series of articles on the employer brand with this week the point of view of Daniel Prin, Executive Vice President of TMP Worldwide Europe, on the local or global dimension of the employer brand. For international companies, the question arises regularly. Should the content of the employer brand be the same everywhere, or should local teams be given the opportunity to develop their own employer discourse, even if it means harming the global brand. Many criteria can lead to favoring a local response: heterogeneity of recruitment needs depending on the country, great diversity of candidate markets, cultural specificities which.

Find That They Work Less Well

would lead candidates to express different aspirations from one country to anothe UAE Phone Number List and without doubt the main one: the desire of management and HR to make employer communication a local pre-square. However, all available studies show that employer communication handled at. The global level is more effective in attracting the best candidates. In fast-growing emerging countries, but also in more “mature” countries, candidates identify and clearly value two categories of employer. Local leaders, in which high potentials know. That they will always have a “nationality bonus and which often develop. Particularly in emerging countries, a form of associated. National pride (see Tata in India, Cemex in Mexico , Bank of china in China, etc.).

The American Model Still Effective

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And unfortunately for companies of European origin, it is clear that most of these companies that manage to compete with local leaders are American: Procter & Gamble for “business” training and Google for “engineering” training. are the perfect examples. And when we look at their employer discourse. we see that it is very structured and perfectly homogeneous in. All the countries of the world, guaranteeing the best profiles. The same company, the same work environment and above all the same ability to succeed. talents. The recipe seems so simple and effective that one can only wonder about the reasons that push so many. European companies to favor local responses.

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