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THIRD: Set up your website Now you can access the control paper. In it you can view information about your income both quantitatively and by means of a graph: Graph : visually shows the income receive in the last 30 days. you can configure the dates to see a different evolution. Site : this section indicates the URL of the site you have add. Active Formats : Indicates the number of ad units you have add to your site. Suggestions – Indicates changes you need to make.

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For example, it has to be validat in order to integrate the formats. Income : accumulat on the site during the last 30 days. Also, you have to create an ads.  file for your website, which we will show you how to do in the reviewe article. And a Consent Greece Phone Number List Banner: youtube-video If you are missing the ads.txt or the consent banner, you will not be able to earn income on this platform. Well, both elements are essential to generate income and; Above all, comply with the Data Protection Law. Remember that in this article, I explain how to adapt your website to the requirements of the RGPD. FOURTH: Add the ad units to your website.

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Once we have all the requirements to be on this platform (registration + ads.txt + Consent Banner), we have to add the ads to our website. We can do it in two different ways if we use WordPress. The first one is to install a plugin; which I do not recommend because we overload the server more by having other plugins installe on our website. In fact, it sometimes conflicts with other plugins that have other uses. And on top of that when adding the advertising, we have to select the format and add a shortcode to the desire place. How to include ads on our website using code? Too easy. First of all we have to go to The Moneytizer website and from our control panel go to “ Active Formats.

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