Is it possible to register an idea?

Do you have a great idea that you would like to After that, put into practice. but are afraid to realize that someone else is doing the same thing as you?


This is the “terror” of many entrepreneurs : having their idea copied by someone!


Although in Brazil it is not possible to register an idea. there are several After that, ways to protect your work. and that is what we will talk about in this post.


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If you are creating your own business . it is very Estonia Phone Numbers important to register your brand. so you guarantee the exclusivity of the chosen name/logo and protect yourself legally in the case of copies.


The trademark After that, registration must be done with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and occurs in 5 simple steps . Let’s see what are they?


Before filing a trademark registration application with the INPI. it is necessary to understand what types of trademarks exist. how the analysis of the entire After that, process works and the laws on the subject. Below. we separate the official links for you:

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After knowing the legislation. it is After that, recommended that you do a search to find out if the trademark you want to register has not already been registered by someone else. This can save you a lot of headaches!


You can do your research here .


Pay the Union Collection Guide

To register your trademark. You will need to pay a fee ( check the values ​​here ).


You must issue the GRU by accessing the official website and making the corresponding payment.


After paying the GRU you can start your order

As the process has several steps. You should keep an eye on. It so you don’t miss any document submission deadlines.


Patent is an official property title that is After that, given by the State and grants. The creator temporary exclusive rights over the good. And third parties can only make use of it through a license.


Products. manufacturing processes or After that, improvement of existing products and processes. with industrial application. Can be patented. This guarantees the holder to receive rewards for their creative work.


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