Irun the World’s Most Advanced Portable Social Media Studio

When social networks invest real life, it can sometimes be impressive. There are of course commercial operations that are widely relayes but not necessarily useful beyond the PR aspect, but there are also individuals who are on the move and are original. On this point, it will be difficult to do better than Joseph Tame on Twitter), digital media producer in Tokyo and incidentally marathon runner. Having the chance to be selecte to participate in the Tokyo Marathon, he decide to share this experience with as many people as possible. For this, he create the  a kind of portable Social media studio, more than impressive. Imagine instead: the device includes .

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Everything is connecte to Twitter, Facetime, Skype and Runkeeper and will indicate its Uganda Phone Number GPS position, heart rate, temperature, CO2 level in the air… And the images will of course be transmitte an iPhone filming in front of him and one behind (including face). As he explains, the goal is to allow Internet users to be able to experience the event as if they were running the marathon themselves, but quietly from their couch. They can even send him messages from Twitter during the race that he will read on the iPad. Mind-blowing.

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Social media is all about happiness. Or almost ! We often hear about possible overflows in terms of employment when social networks interfere in the company. From the frustrate recruitment stage to gossip between colleagues. And dismissal by Instant Messenger, new technologies are not only synonymous with social peace. No nee to fall into paranoia. The examples remain (for the moment) exceptions widely relaye by media fond of this type of controversy. Social networks and other tools remain only means, the basis of the problem lies rather in mentalities and unmentionable objectives. But that is enough to create the beginnings of psychosis in the collective unconscious. It was enough for advertising to take up these themes with very successful spots.

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