Invest but You Missed the Opportunity, Rest Assured, Other Sessions Will

Nearly 2,000 applications were file despite a prohibitive entry cost of $185,000. You can find everything there. Brands of course, anxious to protect themselves and to assume their branding to the end. But also much more generic things, such as .you, .like, .love… Among the candidates, we find large web companies such as Amazon (.app, .amazon, .author, .book…) or Google (.android, .lol, .baby, .blog and a hundre others). But also more traditional companies like L’Oréal (.garnier, .hair, .beauty…). Or cities or even regions concerne with protecting their traditions and their aura .

For or Against, We Will Have to Wait Anyway

It should also be note that some companies have been create just for the occasion, and Colombia Phone Number that business combinations have taken place. This is the case of Gexban, which brings together several French banks to acquire the .banque. A good way to avoid head-on competition. Because of course, there is a battle for certain extensions requeste by several different entities… Auctions will be set up in these cases. For or against, we will have to wait anyway to find out more. Going online will not start before 2013, and it will not be possible to process more than 500 or 1000 extensions per year. Let’s hope it doesn’t quickly become a sausage fair. This may also be talke about in terms of SEO… If you have $185,000 to invest but you misse.

Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Quickly Become

Colombia Phone Number List
Colombia Phone Number List

The opportunity, rest assured, other sessions will take place. Even if the most interesting are likely to have already left. The happy owners will be free to create their domain names at will on their extension without going through The advantages are obvious, with an identification of the sites visited. The .kids for children, the .book for books, the .blog for… You understood me. The question that arises is that of the multiplicity of these extensions. With nearly half of .com domain names, it’s easy to remember and access a site directly. With several thousand extensions, it could quickly become anything… Not to mention the censorship which

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