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As part of our series of   and social media personalities, today we have a rather special guest. Maître Pourriture, who officiates on the ActaDiurna blog, is the author of articles with evocative titles, such as “How to sell Youtube to gullible customers” or “How to make people believe in your expertise on blogs”. He satirically dissects the bad practices of the social media ecosystem, accompanied by his acolytes Doctor Enfoirus and Admiral Pestiferus. A blogger with a very singular tone, therefore, who acutely points out the possible excesses in terms of community management, from the manipulation of the Klout to the purchase of fake fans. Thanks to him for this interview, which lifts the veil a little on this unique personality.

Hello Master Rot, Can You Start by Introducing Yourself

Hello, I am one of the anonymous bloggers who write on the satirical blog Actadiurna. In a chimerical way, here is a bit of my biography. Master Japan Phone Number List Rot is a feared and jealous ascendant scorpio web strategist who never ceases to command everyone’s admiration with his brilliant Machiavellian mind. A specialist in human servitude and the law that he constantly reinvents, he masters with excellence the gift of talking with his eyes and observing with his mouth. He would have participated in the worst suffering in the history of the West, like the Yorkshires.

What Prompted You to Open Acta Diurna

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Japan Phone Number List

Myself a communicator specialized in social media, I evolve in an environment of appearances. That disturbs me more and more, that makes me uncomfortable, even that I despise. I am not the only one, fortunately, but it is clear that. Companies artificially inflate their communities to “like that”, thinking that having a million subscribers is success. professionals congratulate each other, but do not think less about the name of this sacrosanct visibility. Many are known to implement the worst practices buying fans.  But continue to be praise, acclaimewhere in any normal profession they would be shoute down. They are visible you understand, they should not be crease

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