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Last time, the author gave a corresponding introduction to the written. Test of Tencent product trainees, and gave my own answers and insights to the first question B2B Email List of the written. Test (for interested readers, please click here to view ). After that, some students encouraged and supported me. To interpret the second question of the quiz. I observed and analyzed the second question of the question. And answer question. In fact, it is easier to understand and answer than the first question, but the question stem is confusing to a certain extent, and the question is also very open. With the idea of ​​​​learning and communicating with you.

Training Written Exam Questions

I will explain some of my views on the second B2B Email List question of the quiz. This time, the analysis is carried out according to the three parts of question stem analysis, question answering. Reflection and summary. But the difference from last time is that the stem analysis part focuses. On the elaboration of the background of the problem. As I said before, knowing the background of the question determines whether your answer is on the same strategic level as the examiner. The following is the original text of the second question of the Tencent production and training written test: WeChat has now become a way of life. Through WeChat, our life is more convenient and worry-free.

You Are a Product Manager of Wechat

B2B Email List
B2B Email List

Taking WeChat New Rural B2B Email List Cooperative Payment as an example, it is the first time in the country to realize real-time settlement of rural cooperative medical treatment across provinces in WeChat. It solves the problem of “reimbursement trouble” for patients seeking medical treatment in different places. The emergence of WeChat Nongtai has not only opened up the bridge between NCMS and mobile payment, but also combined with big data to help hospitals more clearly identify the fundamental pain points in the medical system, thereby Continuously innovate business service models. If you are a product manager of WeChat.

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