Internet Users as Such Who Are in Many Cases Profoundly Stupid, Even

Evolving in an ecosystem that makes you nauseous is very difficult, even if the bottom line is interesting. Is candy with a disgusting coating bad? I find social media exciting, but it’s what surrounds it professionally that repel me. A satirical blog testifying to this environment was a kind of intelligent outlet, which made it possible to cast a critical eye on my profession and its ecosystem while avoiding falling into easy, direct, frontal criticism which did not bring reader the need to reflect on the meaning of the words. What’s more, if you say it in a “normal” way, with arguments, you pass for the service troll even if everything is justified. Satire was therefore an interesting approach to express unease while not falling into a kind of fanciful .

Work Whose Objective Is a Mocking

A is a work whose objective is a mocking criticism of its subject (of individuals, organizations, states, etc.), often with the intention of bringing about or Malaysia Phone Number List preventing change. To provoke. This was indeed the meaning of my approach, to put the readership in front of writings that make them apprehend this environment from a different perspective. If one only makes a review, Internet users can only take it as a review. With satire, you comfort them, make them think.

Why Did You Choose the Second or Even Tenth Degree

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The first is professional. As I mentioned, the tenth degree allows you to be an outlet, to press where it hurts without leaving the impression of being an embittered person who only lets off steam without taking a step back. By using humor, I try to deliver a serious, calm and thoughtful message about our environment. Satire in this sense is the best way to achieve a reflection, because there is something underlying. Obviously, some remaining readers (I like to insult my readers) took my writings seriously and were offended…

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