Insurance Do Not Be Stingy With Guarantees

A customer likes to be reassure. By offering insurance on your products, you prove your seriousness and show that your products are of high quality. The customer knows that he can make his purchase with confidence. If their item is faulty, it will be replac . The ergonomics of the site A user is impatient and demanding by nature. Before being convert and wanting to increase the average amount of his shopping cart, he still has to stay on your online sales site for more than a few seconds You wouldn’t go shopping for shoes in a dark, messy, poorly maintain brick-and-mortar store with an hour-plus checkout wait time.

The same is true for an online store

So be careful the loading time of your pages the architecture of your site (menu, categories, sub-categories) the design of your pages (architecture, colors, fonts, images, etc.) responsive mobile character the presentation of your product sheets highlighting promotions and flash sales. You need to simplify the customer’s buying journey as much as Denmark Cell Phone Number List possible and improve their online experience. You then increase the chances of driving him to conversion, or even encouraging him to buy more products. . The Gift In the same logic as the shipping costs offer, you can offer your customers a gift card or a gift beyond a certain amount of purchases. They will be sensitive to attention and enjoy winning something. For you, e-merchant, this marketing strategy is often more profitable than that of the shipping costs offer.

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While shipping costs are often expensive

Sending a gift is much less so. It allows you to sell unsold stocks. The gift card has the advantage of encouraging the customer to make a new DP Leads purchase. It therefore contributes to increasing the amount of the basket by pushing the visitor to consume more and builds loyalty at the same time. Once again, be sure to calculate the amount of your card and those of your gifts, so as not to seduce your customers at a loss. PrestaShop offers you several gift card modules. Packs and small batches From a marketing point of view, the use of packs is interesting on two levels it helps to facilitate consumer decision-making A customer is hesitating between two CDs by the same artist.

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