Inducing Repeat Purchase

You can easily derive the average lifetime from the churn percentage with the following formula: Lifetime = 1 / churn rate So let’s say your annual Ukraine WhatsApp Number List churn rate is 14.5%. The expected lifetime of your customers is then: 1 / 0.145 = 6.9 years. If you are able to reduce the churn to 8% after hard work, the average lifetime.

 Repeat Purchase increases to no

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) We have already discussed the concept of customer acquisition cost (CAC) sideways. The CAC shows which recruitment costs can be related to the acquisition of a customer. In formula: CAC = total acquisition costs/number of new customers So suppose we bring in 50 new customers with a marketing campaign that cost $10,000, the CAC would be 10,000 / 50 = $200.

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Less than years Repeat Purchase

Again, you can choose whether only directly related costs include. Such as online advertising, or also overhead, such as marketing salaries. Whatever choice you make, it is important that you work with consistent definitions that are unambiguously applied in the various departments in an organization. Avoid that departments such as finance and marketing use different definitions.


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