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Think, for example, of De Vrienden van Amstel Live’s show, which takes place entirely on the Internet. But smaller communities are also gratefully taking advantage of today’s technology. A secondary school in Houten, Utrecht hosts the “biggest school Armenia WhatsApp Number List party ever” via YouTube. Well-known artists such as Snelle and Pjottr performed. Both live streams were nominate for Best Social in the Best Livestream category.

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Social Engagement Social media is playing a greater role in society than ever before. They are actually in the middle! It can be said that social media is formed and adapted around a society. Consider, for example, the death of George Floyd. When this happened “in the real world”, a movement quickly emerged online, sparking protests. This is the Black Lives.

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Matter movement In Three

As a company, you do have responsibilities online. This is where you can make a difference. So, as an entrepreneur or an organization, this is a very serious business. In 2020, there will be a variety of Dutch organizations and companies working towards greater equality, acceptance, and diversity in our society.

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