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So, how can we do a good job of “smart retail” projects? After our analysis, in addition Also, to the fixed machine cost, the cost of such. Also, a project is Afghanistan Phone Number also the cost of Also, selling the commodity itself. Therefore, if you want to make more money, you need. Also, to grasp two elements: sell more Continuously reduce costs (including commodity purchase costs, venue rental costs) Well, here. Also, comes the point of this article: Is the business of smart retail Afghanistan Phone Number cabinets good? Can you make money? Through 50 hours. Also, of on-site squatting, we went directly to 5 different offline scenarios to investigate the sales of unmanned retail on the spot. Brought to you this report. (The location where Tencent started its business is Beijing, so our research locations are all in Beijing.) 1. Background of the research 1. Research objectives In recent years, most entrepreneurs choose “light processing” projects to start their businesses.

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Therefore, when choosing research projects, we have. Also, selected three “light processing” projects that are currently invested more in Afghanistan Phone Number Beijing and are more advanced in financing. ” category items, which are: Self-service orange machine: Angel Afghanistan Phone Number Orange Financing: A round Financing amount: tens. Also, of millions of RMB Self-service coffee machine: Coffee Zero Bar Financing: A+ round Financing amount: tens of millions of RMB Self-service lunch machine: Fanmeimei Financing: A round Financing amount: 50 million RMB 2. Research dimensions 1) Actual sales What are the actual sales of the three projects? How willing are users to pay? 2) The relationship between the product and the scene How dependent is the product on the scene?

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Afghanistan Phone Number List

How big is the sales gap of the same product in different scenarios? How do users feel about the product in different scenarios? 3) What is the actual cost What is Afghanistan Phone Number the gross profit for the three projects? Can it support profitability? 4) Questions collected from offline research What problems did the three projects show offline? What is the future direction of competition? 3. Research scene In the process of determining the research scene, we found through the statistics of the distribution data of each project: Self-service orange machines are mainly concentrated in shopping malls, self-service coffee machines are mainly concentrated in office buildings and shopping malls, and self-service lunch machines are mainly concentrated in office buildings.

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