In Recent Years, Brands Have Captured This Trend and Are Starting

In recent years, brands have captured this trend and are starting to reuse this imagery in their campaigns. What purpose ? To give yourself a brand image in the era of time. But also, capture an audience much more rooted in the community web, which marketing campaigns failed to capture. As a result, many video campaigns reuse memes to go viral and go around the web. In any case, this is the logic of marketers who believe that the presence of memes will “boost the buzz” around the brand. One thinks in particular of theof Smart Water with Jennifer Aniston which tries to explain the recipe for a viral video. We see in particular puppies, dancing babies, but also a.

Received on the Web and in Particular

Also for a brand of water, VitaminWater, a video was posted on YouTube last March. This one is pure meme-dropping. We see references to lolcats, NyanCat, planking or even Epic Sax Guy. Here, no scenario, just an Armenia Phone Number List avalanche of memes to generate as many views as possible. The advertisement was not very well received on the web and in particular by the communities mentioned above. We do not see with a very good eye the use of creations previously reserved for a certain elite. Community managers are more and more rooted in this meme culture and no longer hesitate to post them on their brand’s Facebook pages.

More Recently, Last Week, the Car Brand Hyundai

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We think of Orange, which had published two images aimed at making fans guess the memes. Even if this has little to do with Orange, we are here in a mechanism of pure virality: posting visuals to encourage engagement and sharing. Pepsi France had done the same to mark the bar of 100,000 fans. He offers to create his Hyundai troll to win a “super iPad”. It’s hard to see how a brand manages to convert its prospects into customers. Because although this kind of initiative, like the  brings in more likes, the commitment remains punctual.

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