In Reality The Number Of Guests Is Often High

What strategy for the e-merchant? Sell ​​your own products For the online merchant who owns his stocks, private sales are a real godsend. It allows him to to attract customers , thanks to attractive prices and the sale of new products to build customer loyalty , flatterd by the exclusive invitation to generate a margin , in particular thanks to the contribution paid by the guests to sell its stocks at very reasonable prices The products place online are often limit in number, stocks are sometimes exhauste in a few minutes Accelerate the buying process Regulars of private sales know how to connect quickly and buy as soon as possible.

The prospect is therefore in a buyer’s position

Even before connecting to the site. He must act quickly. The competition that is set up between visitors and the importance of the savings that the prospect thinks of making are enough to convince him that his purchase is a bargain. Whether he needs this product Croatia Phone Number List or not, he will have had it at a low price and before the others. Satisfaction is therefore there. Organize an online sale for brands The quest for balance When the organizer of a private sale does not own his stock , he negotiates unsold items with brands, in order to then resell them at attractive prices. He must therefore find the right balance between the purchase price of inventory from brands resale price to customers.

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The strategy consists for the e-merchant

In allowing each actor to be a winner the brand , so that it offers an ever-increasing choice of items for sale the customer , so that he always has the feeling of getting a deal the online seller , so that he can generate a margin and be able to continue DP Leads his activity as an intermediary. The strategy to adopt with brands Essentially base on logistics and negotiation, the strategy is complex. You must indee find the ideal solution , whether in terms of inventory management or the prices offere purchase of stocks You buy stocks directly from the brand and then manage them in your warehouses. You therefore take care of the return shipment to the customer cross-docking

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