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We have a number of competitors in the 35 countries where we are present! If you are referring to the arrival of the new mobile operator in France, we had anticipated its arrival. It is true that all market players were surprised by the very strong and emotional reactions of Internet users. The operators’ pages have become real outlets, and we have decided not to close our walls and to relax moderation to let our customers and our audiences express themselves, and also let them know that we are listening to them. Secondly, after having taken all these remarks into account, we responded with an equivalent offer via the Sosh page (without commitment and with an online service), and also by highlighting our quality of service on the Orange offers.

Orange Is Present in Different Countries

There is a defined framework. Among other things, we provide a good practice guide  Algeria Phone Number List tools, applications, and a framework to know in which case it is relevant or not to create a conversational space. This is a general policy, not a “social media strategy”. There is not as such a “social media strategy”, but each country is indeed responsible for the deployment and integration of social media in its communication strategy (but also for customer relations, marketing, etc.). It is a recurring subject for us to know if it is relevant, and if so how, to celebrate the arrival of a symbolic number of fans, and in particular on Facebook.

This Type of Channel Is in Tune With the

Algeria Phone Number List
Algeria Phone Number List

We use a number of tools in our various services. To name a few that we use in our team I would name: hootsuite, scroon, tweetreach, ecairn, socialbakers or tigerlily. After testing a number of tools, what really interests us is the time it will save us. What is also interesting is to see how these tools will allow us. To produce deliverables that can then be used to communicate externally, or with management. In the end, we don’t focus that much on any particular tool. For example, in terms of e-reputation monitoring, what works well from experience is to develop a solid network of people, internal and external, who will bring up issues on which we can intervene.

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