In-depth analysis and dismantling of the “Chunyu Doctor” product of Internet medical care

Source of income: including value-added service fees, platform fees, advertising fees, and cooperation commissions. At present, Chunyu Doctor’s main source of revenue is the B-side, including income from providing data services to pharmaceutical companies, income from insurance companies purchasing private doctor services, advertising income and marketing activities. The main source of income for the C-end is the sales of private doctor services.


2012 a round of financing of 3 million us dollars in september 2013. The b round of financing of 8 million us dollars in august 2014. The c round of financing of 50 million us dollars 2020-09-10 e round of strategic financing. Led by sogou technology. Huaxin. Huaxin jin fund co-investmen

Divide the customer groups into: healthy. Sub-healthy. Acutely ill. Chronically ill and severely ill. And formulate different business modules for different groups to improve user experience.

 Service Scenarios

Online: Chunyu’s online consultation service Oman Phone Number system continues to expand, and has access to more than a thousand partners such as Baidu, Huawei, Taikang, Sunshine Insurance, etc. In addition to online consultation, it can also provide users with health consultation, graded diagnosis and treatment, green channel, diagnosis and treatment It provides full-map services such as escort, chronic disease management, door-to-door medicine delivery, overseas medical treatment and health insurance.

Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

Offline : Chunyu Health Station is a small intelligent health management center located in residential communities, schools, enterprises and other scenarios. It connects the resources of Chunyu Cloud Doctors and Hospitals and the medical consortium of local tertiary hospitals. It can provide residents, employees and students with medical services. They provide services such as health monitoring, cancer screening, family doctor, registered referral, home medicine, chronic disease management, etc. They are a new type of entity that connects the last mile of medical and health services, and a small front-end in community medical and family health management scenarios.

Focusing on different real estate project products such as high-quality health technology residences, health care cultural tourism resort towns and smart health care industry bases, 100+ healthy community projects have been deployed across the country, and a unique healthy living real estate and health care base will be built together with real estate companies. landing mode

Open platform: Provide online consultation open platform for B-side, online medical service provider, platform party and empowerment platform.

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