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In the first place, What the Internet brings to the logistics industry is not only the innovation of management technology, but also the revolution of business thinking. From 2016 to 2017. The development of Internet + logistics can be said to be Bahrain Cell Phone Number changing with each passing day. Especially in the field of real-time logistics. The addition of some large capital has accelerate the change of its pattern. Ali Capital made a bet on Dianwoda, JD Daojia and Dada merge to form a new Dada, and Shansong receive C+ round financing in June. A silent Bahrain Cell Phone Number logistics war is being stage. Since Dad Ma propose the new retail concept to take over the e-commerce model in the future. “New retail” that combines online and offline and Bahrain Cell Phone Number logistics has quickly become a new word in China’s Internet and retail industries.

What the Bahrain Cell Phone Number Internet Brings.

However, Has starte the second half of the advance stage of the new retail. What the Internet brings to the logistics industry is not only the innovation of management technology. But also the revolution of business thinking. 1. Market Bahrain Cell Phone Number analysis What is just-in-time logistics? With the development of mobile Internet and O2O local life, real-time logistics has spawne two major requirements for logistics “extreme Bahrain Cell Phone Number speed” and “punctuality” , which in turn determines the evolution of the logistics service model, that is, without warehousing and transit. directly from Door-to-door delivery service. This logistics model is calle “instant logistics”. Service Categories include: takeaway. Fresh food, express terminal, supermarket, etc.

Has Starte Bahrain Cell Phone Number the Second Half.

Bahrain Cell Phone Number
Bahrain Cell Phone Number

As soon as, Starte the Second Half.Real-time logistics is favore by capital (Data source: IT Orange) It can be seen from the above data that. Except for UU errands and express services that entere the game late. The financing of other real-time logistics for intra-city delivery has been in the B round. And the financing amount has reache 100 Bahrain Cell Phone Number million yuan. The financing time is also the craziest in 2016-2017. Investors include Shunwei Capital under Lei Jun, Price Capital under Wang Sicong, Sequoia Capital China, and strategic investment cooperation. I am optimistic about the billion-dollar cake of instant logistics. The market is full Bahrain Cell Phone Number of gunpowder smoke. Capital is frequently deploye, and hundreds of millions of real-time logistics are extremely hot.

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