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In the first place. The domestic securities industry has been developing for more than 20 years. And a unique business model has been forme under the influence Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number of the domestic market.  Environment and financial supervision. Today. With the rapid development of technology and the evolution of social structure. This young and traditional Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number industry is facing unease too and challenges. How to break the game? Only enter! Recently. I have written a 24-page research report again  through research. On then  the domestic securities industry. Since Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number the original text is too long. I have sorte out the essence of it and share it with you.and advertising wars have continue one after another.

The Domestic Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number Securities.

However, The total financial assets of the Unite States are 10 times GDP. While the ratio of China is 2 times. China’s total financial assets are much lower than those of the Unite States and Europe. 2. Asset structure ratio In 2015. China’s financial assets totale 247.89 trillion yuan, of which bank assets accounte for 92%, followe by Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number insurance and securities. Of which securities assets accounte for 2%. And securities assets accounte for a very low proportion of financial assets. 3. Overview of the securities market Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number As of April 5, 2017, there were 3,186 liste companies in . 14,210 liste securities. And likewise as a total market value of 54.86 trillion yuan. 2. Securities investment users As of January 21.

The Total Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number Financial Assets.

Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number
Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number

As soon as ,  of August 2016, in the age distribution of individual investors, 25-34 years old accounte for 36.23%.  35-44 years old accounte for 25%, and over 45 years old accounte for more than 20%. It can be seen that the trend in the same fashion of investors is becoming younger. 3. Securities business moreover supervision 1. Issuance and listing The China Securities Regulatory Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number Commission in the light of is the regulatory authority for securities business in . And  the securities issuance system adopts the approval system. China’s IPO review time is about 8 months also for the coupled with  .  Market and about 14 months for the Main Board. 2. Industry in addition supervision Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number  Securities Regulatory Commission’s supervision of the industry .

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