If You Want To Increase Your Chances Of Boosting

They will be sensitive to attention and enjoy winning something. For you, e-merchant, this marketing strategy is often more profitable than that of the shipping costs offered. While shipping costs are often expensive, sending a gift is much less so. It allows you to sell unsold stocks. The gift card has the advantage of encouraging the customer to make a new purchase. It therefore contributes to increasing the amount of the basket by pushing the visitor to consume more and builds loyalty at the same time. Once again, be sure to calculate the amount of your card and those of your gifts, so as not to seduce your customers at a loss. Presta Shop offers you several gift card modules .

Packs and small batches From

A marketing point of view, the use of packs is interesting on two levels it helps to facilitate consumer decision-making A customer is hesitating between two CDs by the same artist. The set of two simplifies things for him it increases the amount of the basket The customer might have bought only one CD, but the pack convinced him to buy the second. Discover Germany Mobile Number List all the Presta Shop modules to customize your packs . . Deferred payment What is the painful moment for a customer when buying a product? The moment of payment By offering to postpone this step, you relieve him and encourage him to buy more. Presta Shop offers you to integrate the Clear Pay module into your online store.

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The customer buys now but pays later

Without any additional costs. Payment will be made within two months, in installments. It is not that difficult to increase the amount of your customers’ basket. By applying one or more of these sales techniques, you are sure to promote the DP Leads conversion of visitors to your store and will also succeed in inflating the volume of sales your turnover, call on an agency specializing in the management of Google Ads campaigns . Presta Shop Blog E-commerce advice Cashback, a growth lever for your e-commerce Search the blog search Cashback, a growth lever for your e-commerce By Yves – July , How to use the ABC analysis method to grow your online business.

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