If You Prefer to Read Your Feeds With an Extension for Your Browser

If you prefer to read your feeds with an extension for your browser, you can turn to Sage for Firefox. It is a very lightweight RSS feed reader that you can open at any time without leaving the page you are on. It will therefore be useful to check quickly and without wasting time if your sources have been updated! Sage is only available in Firefox, but equivalents exist for Chrome, such as. The base ! A free tool, very simple, but almost essential for your watch on your brand. This tool is also free, you can monitor all the expressions you want.

Bookmarking and Curation Tools

The principle: you receive an email as often as you wish (immediately, once a Jamaica Phone Number day, once a week) as soon as new content relating to your research is published on the web. You can choose to keep only a certain type of support: web, forum, blogs, videos, news or books; or else keep everything – it is advisable. You will therefore receive a summary of the news at the frequency you have chosen. Very practical, to be alerted as soon as we talk about your company. Twilert works on the same principle as Google Alerts, but here, it will be the results from Twitter only that will be sent to you. Twilert fills a certain gap, because it is difficult for the moment to carry out a simple watch on social networks.

All the Expressions You Want

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Diigo allows you to gather the links you want to archive, classifying them by category and assigning them tags, useful for easily finding them later. Very very complete, Diigo is an excellent “social brand page” tool: notes, shares… The basic version is free, and the advanced features are only accessible with a paid subscription. If you need to present the fruit of your watch, Scoop-it will be an excellent choice. It makes it possible to aggregate different articles by presenting them in the manner of a magazine, and to simply share them with other people. To go further than simple monitoring, it can allow you to highlight certain content, and to have a slightly diverted use of it in favor of highlighting your actions, for example. Also a free tool!

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