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Conclusions on how to choose a good lawyer We understand that to choose a good lawyer, it is necessary to take into consideration the points state above; although logically we can make this list of tips longer. For us, the most important thing is that they be a person who fights for your interests, answers your calls, is close, although professional and; above all, it generates a lot of confidence and explains all the strategies that you are going to follow in detail. The Moneytizer: a good alternative to include advertising on your website.

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November 25, 2019 by Enrique Ruiz Prieto Many clients wonder how to monetize their company blog for additional income. Traditionally, both Dominican Republic Phone Number List companies and individuals have chosen AdSense to offer advertising on their website. However, there are currently other alternatives to offer advertising and obtain extra income through your blog. Today we are going to talk about the peculiarities of The Moneytizer, one of those alternatives to monetize your website. Precisely this article I have written, because I have tried both AdSense and The Moneytizer and; the latter is giving me better results than the Google platform. Contents Hide Let’s compare The Moneytizer with AdSense RubĂ©n Alonso’s experiment So is The Monitor better.

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How does TheMoneytizer work? FIRST: Register and fill out the form SECOND: Give the information of your website THIRD: Set up your website FOURTH: Add the ad units to your website: FIFTH: Invoices and payments Conclusions about The Moneytizer Enrique Ruiz Prieto Let’s compare The Moneytizer with AdSense Both Adsense and The Moneytizer are two splendid platforms to earn advertising revenue. However, you have to know how each of them works. With Google Adsense you can configure many types of advertising and; It allows you to select advertising by different types of income, the most common being CPC (Cost per Click), although CPC and CPM are often alternated.

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